Hope and healing. Hi! My name is Freda. This blog is about finding hope and healing, for your heart and for your life. Specific details of your personal struggles and victories differ from mine, of course. But, if we looked deep within our experiences, we would find common concerns: family and friends, physical and mental well-being, work, finances, leisure time, and spirituality. I have wrestled with problems in each area, yet, I have also known great victory, peace, and joy.

What I offer to you. What I offer to you is words . . . words of hope and healing anchored in God’s love and His Word. You will not find hot tips on what is trending in our world. What you will find is encouragement and strength from someone who has trudged through some of the same places where you now walk.

FF PIC FOR WEBSITE OCT 2015You will find stories of personal experience interwoven with digestible chunks of useful information, in various formats, including blog posts, booklets, and books. 

What I wish for you. I sincerely wish to lighten the load you carry and to help you find love, joy, peace, and victory in your daily living. I hope you will give me that chance!