Basics of Believing

Image result for Free picture Of Forest Path. Size: 124 x 100. Source: www.freeimages.comHello and welcome! The links below explain the basics of a wonderful life with God. The documents explain, conversationally, what I would say if we could talk about the wonderful 40 years God has given me. So, just relax and read. I fervently pray God uses these words to help.

Click on the links below each title. If a document will not open, email me through the “Contact” page of this website. Please note that the file will not format correctly on most cell phones. You will need to use a computer.

God bless you! I am praying for you!

“The Remedy for Desperation” – how to let God work in your desperate situation
The Remedy for Desperation

Diligent Bible Study – how to study the Bible, diligently, in your areas of need
Diligent Bible study

Diligent Meditation – how to ponder the Word and see God change your life.
Diligent Meditation.