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Coming soon!  Soon, you will see more products on this page. You will find short booklets, full-length books, collections of stories, essays, and books of poetry. 

Your cost – a freewill offering. I am trusting God to lead you in making the freewill offering of your choice to pay for these products. And if you cannot afford to pay anything, then please accept whatever you download as a willing gift from me. 

Unjealous Heart. For now, I offer the first chapter of “The Gift of an Unjealous Heart.” (No offerings, please, for this introduction to the book.)

This book shows how God helped me help my daughter not feel poor during 14 years of single parenting financial hardship. The silhouette you see below was done on one of the few “real” vacations we took during those years. Our story shares practical hints, everyday application of Biblical truths, and insights that nourish gratitude, peace and contentment with the life you have now. 


silhoutte unjealous heart

Below is a PDF of Chapter One for you. The rest of the book will be available soon, at the cost of whatever free-will offering you choose. Please let me know what you think about Chapter One.

The Gift of an Unjealous Heart CHAPTER ONE