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>Undepressed – How God’s Word Can Heal Your Heart
>Diligent Bible Study
> Diligent Meditation
> What is God Telling You to Do?
> Afflicted by an Itch – for My Good!
> Carols for Consecration: Beloved Truths for Singing to the Melodies of Beloved Carols
> Unjealous Heart
> When People Get Sick

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Undepressed: How God’s Word Can Heal Your Heart is the true story of how studying and meditating on God’s Word healed life-long depression, when nothing else worked. This full-length novel interweaves narrative with explanation of principles found in Isaiah 30, as well as many other Bible truths.

Isaiah 30 teaches that we rebel against God when we love or rely on anything more than Him. Eventually, the very thing we lean on starts destroying us.  However, God eagerly watches and waits for us, longing to be good to us. God will answer us when we return to Him, and He will give us joy as we fight together to destroy our enemies.

Each chapter of Undepressed begins with a summary page, in quick-scan format, highlighting the main story points covered in that chapter as well as the Biblical truths illustrated.

This book shows you how to use God’s Word to heal your heart, regardless of your problem, and walk closer to Him. My sincere prayer is that God uses it to speak to you, personally, in the ways only He knows you need.  Friend, He really, really loves you!


Diligent Bible Study.  An 18-page booklet showing why and how we all must study God’s Word carefully, thoroughly, and thoughtfully. Click the link below.

Diligent Bible study

Diligent Meditation. A 17-page booklet explaining what diligent meditation is and how to do it. Diligent meditation healed my heart and renewed my mind. Won’t you give it a try? Click the link below.
Diligent Meditation.

What is God Telling You to Do? A seven-page pamphlet:
> showing where you can get truthful news, from a Christian world-view,
>explaining how God is speaking to His followers today, and
>showing you what you need to be doing for God – now! Click the link below.

What is God telling you to do PAMPHLET

Afflicted by an Itch – for My Good! A short story showing how God uses a physical ailment as a loving prod toward more diligent use of His Word.

Afflicted by an Itch BOOKLET

God’s Arsenal for Peace and Security – List of Verses for Meditation, for the blog post on October 1, 2020. Click the link below.

Gods Arsenal for Peace and Security

Carols for Consecration: Beloved Truths for Singing to the Melodies of Beloved Carols. Can you hum “Silent Night”? How about “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”? If so, “Carols for Consecration” is for you! This  is a collection of new verses for 16 beloved Christmas carols. Each verse,  based on Bible concepts, focuses on drawing closer to God. May these “singable truths” bring you into the presence of our loving Father in heaven all year long. Click the link below.

Carols for Consecration

Image result for free clipart of heartUnjealous Heart.  Contrary to what is best, our world pressures us to value material things. Come walk beside an ordinary woman as our extraordinary God nurtures in her beloved daughter, and in her, the gift of an unjealous heart. You will discover how to:

  • live in peace about your circumstances,
  • make the most of what you have,
  • train your children to be resourceful, and
  • give your children a heart of gratitude that lets them feel cherished and secure, no matter the situation.

With practical suggestions and Bible principles, Unjealous Heart is a manual—in the form of a true story—on how love for and obedience to God can replace envy, resentment, and fear with gratitude, contentment, and peace. This is the true story of how God helped me help my daughter not feel poor although we were.

Click the link below to download this full-length novel and be blessed. Our loving Father in heaven loves us more than we can comprehend (Psalm 103).  He wants us to be content!

Unjealous Heart

Image result for free clipart of sick personWhen People Get Sick  – Click on red link below. (A children’s book, for adults, too!)

When People Get Sick