What to do about our world?

I believe God is telling us some important things to do, about Israel, the news we hear, and the actions we take. 

AJC and Israel together | John Shapiro | The Blogs

WHAT TO DO ABOUT ISRAEL.  At no time in recent history has Israel needed prayer more than now. Believers are commanded to pray for Israel. How to pray? See Psalm 122:6-7.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: ‘May those who love you be secure. May there be peace within your walls and security within your citadels.’

For specifics on how to pray, join the Jerusalem Prayer team.  Home – Jerusalem Prayer Team and follow Intercessors for America.  Today’s News – Intercessors for America (ifapray.org).

You can also help by speaking up. Call, email and send letters to your senators and representatives. Call the Capital switchboard 1-202-224-3121 to connect with your senators and congressional representatives. Tell them America must support Israel NOW. Your calls, letters and emails do make a difference.

You can also give to Israel. Many organizations support Israel. I donate to and trust  www.jerusalemprayerteam.org. and Kenneth Copeland Ministries (Call 1-877-281-6297 or  visit KCM.ORG/GIVEISRAEL.)

In Genesis 12:3 God says of Israel: “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

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WHAT TO DO ABOUT THE NEWS WE HEAR.  Leftist, liberal mainstream media fails to report the truth, tells outright lies about conservatives, and opposes all that is of God. How are we to hear the truth of what God is doing? STOP LISTENING TO ALL MAINSTREAM MEDIA.  Listen to a lie long enough and you believe it. Instead, get your news from conservative, Christian-based sources like these listed below.

Following those three sources will catch you up fast.  Add the following as you can.

  • Intercessors for America
    • An on-line community of believers interceding for our nation. The website has multiple resources as well as opportunities to join in prayer via email as well as live phone calls.
  • Other conservative news sources like Epoch Times, The Western Journal, and the Gateway Pundit
  • Regeneration Nashville – Pastor Kent Christmas boldly confronts evil with Holy Ghost fire in his sermons and prophetic words.
  • Elijah streams – elijahstreams.com – Sixty-minute in-depth interviews with prophets. See also elijahlist.com

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THE ACTIONS WE TAKE. It is a privilege to be alive right now. We have a God-ordained part to play in what happens. As individuals we can pray, vote, contact governmental representatives, run for office, and educate ourselves and others.

Pray and join a prayer call.  Check out the many prayer resources at Intercessors for America as well as those at www.claynash.org. Join or start a prayer group at your local church.

 Vote, urge others to vote, and help with the voting process. A large percentage of registered conservatives and Christians do not vote.  Vote, remind everyone you know to vote and help out at the polls. Honest poll workers are needed to help prevent another stolen election.

Contact your governmental representatives. Government, at all levels, works for US and they do pay attention to phone calls, letters and emails.  Contact your governmental representatives and urge support for God’s solutions to the abominations of the radical left. Million Voices reports: “Elected representatives have told us the impact of a mailed note from a single constituent in their district is equivalent to representing hundreds of voters back home.

An easy way to send emails to your elected representatives on today’s issues is www.millionvoices.org  –  Click on the “Use Your Voice” button, select your issue, complete the form and they will send emails to your representatives. And sign up for monthly updates on your issues.

Run for office. Decisions made by school boards and city councils matter. Flashpoint regularly reports on ordinary citizens who never considered running for public office who have made significant differences in their communities after they were elected. If you cannot run for office yourself, support candidates with your money, your vote, your voice, and serving on campaigns.

Educate ourselves and others.  For decades the enemy has silenced believers–and most pastors–with the lie that we must not get involved in politics and the fear we will be rejected if we do.  Was Jesus silent about the wrongs He saw? Did He say and do something about it? Who is our example?

We have a civic responsibility to be informed about current issues and to speak up about them. Use the resources listed above and stay up-to-date.  Also consider the excellent training program in Biblical citizenship available at Subscriptions | Patriot Academy. 

Patriot Academy has made its Biblical Citizenship Coach classes free. Even if you do not become a coach and lead a class, you can still download the material and educate yourself.

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What God is doing is more exciting than you can ask, think, or imagine! And He longs for you, yes YOU, to be part of His mighty army.