What is God doing?

Many have long suspected, and many have long known, that mainstream media not only gives a leftist, liberal, progressive slant to what it reports but that it also fails to report the truth and tells outright lies about everyone and anything conservative. Mainstream media in particular opposes all that is of God.

How are we to hear the truth of what God is doing and saying in our world today? First, stop listening to all mainstream media. Second, get your news from sources like these listed below. If you listen to a lie long enough, you start believing it. Listening to mainstream media will lead you into darkness, away from the light of God’s truth, and you will not even know it.

JUST FOLLOWING THESE THREE SOURCES WILL HELP YOU CATCH UP FAST. I recommend following them regularly and adding those on the list below whenever you can.

  • Intercessors for America
    • An on-line community of believers interceding for our nation. If you sign up, you will receive brief summaries of current events and the chance to agree with others in prayer,
  • Other conservative news sources like Epoch Times, The Western Journal, and the Gateway Pundit
  • Mario Murillo is one of several evangelists leading tent crusades that draw unbelievably large crowds across America and where signs, wonders, and miracles happen.  He dares to speak up about things like wokeness in the church.  Follow him on YouTube or Rumble and BLOG – Mario Murillo Ministries 
  • Regeneration Nashville – Pastor Kent Christmas boldly confronts evil with Holy Ghost fire in his sermons and prophetic words. Hear him once and you will hear him every week.
  • Elijah list – elijahlist.com Daily strengthening, encouragement, and comfort through prophetic words, messages, and prophecies.
  • Elijah streams – elijahstreams.com – Sixty-minute program with in-depth interviews with prophets, with prophetic words and teachings.

I highly recommend that you join a live prayer call.  Visit https://strikeforceofprayer.com. Click on the “Prayer Calls” tab. Then on the “Prayer Calls” menu, select USA Prayer Calls and find prayer calls for your state. The “Affiliate/Partner Prayer Calls” button lists prayer calls taking place all week long. The “Prayer Call Guidelines” button explains the procedure usually followed on these prayer calls. Join in and be richly blessed!

Take action!  Contact your representatives. Government, at all levels, works for US and they do pay attention to phone calls, letters and emails.  You can contact your governmental representatives at all levels urging support for God’s solutions to the evils the radical left is doing, such as allowing thousands of illegal immigrants into our southern borders, and seeking to destroy parental rights. Did you know the current administration supports “gender affirming care” that recruits even our kindergartner children for perversion through a curriculum pushing homosexuality and transgenderism? Some schools have already adopted this curriculum.

www.millionvoices.org  – This organization has made it super easy to send emails to your elected representatives on today’s issues. Just click on the “Use Your Voice” button, select your issue, complete the form and they send emails to your representatives.  Also, take time to write a letter—yes, an actual snail-mail letter. Million Voices has this statement on the website: “Elected representatives have told us the impact of a mailed note from a single constituent in their district is equivalent to representing hundreds of voters back home.” Won’t you take time, along with me, to send a letter or two or three? And sign up for monthly updates on your issues.

I pray God leads some of you to run for government office.  The pandemic has demonstrated the importance of decisions made by school boards and city and state officials. If you cannot do that, support candidates with your money, your voice and serving on campaigns.

Keep your faith strong! Listening to a radio station that plays worship music will do much to lift your spirits Try www.air1.com.

Prophets to listen to: You will find most of these prophets on the platforms listed above but they also have their own websites and/or churches. You can follow them on You Tube, Facebook, etc. as well. However, be aware that YouTube often, and without permission, copies videos from these and other sources.

  • Dutch Sheets – www.dutchsheets.org
  • Hank Kunneman -www.lohchurch.org
  • Kent Christmas -www.kentchristmas.org and www.regenerationnashville.org
  • Mario Murillo – www.mariomurillo.org
  • Johnny Enlow – restore7.com and often on Elijah Streams
  • Lance Wallnau – lancewallnau.com
  • Tim Sheets – timsheets.org
  • Amanda Grace – often on Elijah Streams

What God is doing is more exciting than you can ask, think, or imagine! And He longs for you, yes YOU, to be part of His mighty army.