Why I Write

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A grateful overcomer. Many difficulties, some of them intensely painful, have blocked my path in life. I am deeply grateful that God brought me through them and used them to strengthen me. I want to help you overcome similar problems in your own life, one of which is simply living in this changing, confusing, too-fast world!

I sincerely hope that talking about Jesus does not annoy you. You do NOT have to be a Christ follower to benefit from these writings, you will not be lectured, and your actions and beliefs will not be criticized or judged.

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An ordinary person. I am a thoroughly ordinary person. After years of rejecting Him, I have passionately followed Jesus for 38 years, and what worked for me will work for you. I know that because “God does not show favoritism” as He tells us in Romans 12, verse 2 (New Living Translation).

Although I still wrestle with these issues sometimes, together, God and I have conquered: crushing loneliness; recurrent depression and anxiety; the daily grind of hard, boring jobs; hidden effects of neglect and abuse; life-crippling shyness; the pangs of single parenting; long-term singleness; and poverty, to name just a few of the battles!

I know how hard life can be. Like every human I have met or heard of, I still have problems every day. Life IS hard, for everyone, no matter what the media says or how someone’s life may appear. You are not alone in having to fight for whatever measure of love and joy and peace that you have.

But I know that God is beyond extraordinary!  I am writing for you because I have personally experienced how applying God’s Word to life’s problems works. It is simple – not easy, but simple. Yes, I will always have problems of some kind as long as I live on this earth, but God promises I will be with Him for all eternity, in a place called heaven where there are NO problems. He also promises I can have His presence, His love, His joy, His peace, and His real help HERE AND NOW with the problems of this life.

Will you walk with me as I pursue more of God? We will laugh, we will cry, and best of all, we will walk with the One who loved us enough to die so that we could be with Him. I believe God tells you and me, as He told Abram in verse one of Genesis 15 (Amplified Classic): “Fear not . . . I am your Shield, your abundant compensation and your reward shall be exceedingly great.”

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