Need help memorizing?

Image result for free clip art of memoryNeed help memorizing? Memory work is hard for most everyone, me included! But hiding God’s Word in my heart so that I could meditate on it all day long was the main thing God used to heal me of severe depression and anxiety. Diagramming the Word helped with memory. It also helped me find God’s promises and learn how to walk in those promises.

Diagramming is difficult to do as a blog post, so the diagram of Psalm 91 is on the Resources page of this website. If you cannot download the Word file, email me and I will email the document to you.

Why Psalm 91? It is an all-time favorite, and it gives clear instructions on how to dwell in God’s presence and protection. Keeping God’s Word in my heart has been like God’s rod and staff, giving precious guidance and comfort daily. I pray this aid to memory helps you find the still waters God has prepared for you.

So, go to the Resource tab and please let me know if this helps you in your pursuit of God’s Word.

Love and prayers,


Image result for free clip art of psalm 91

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